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From the bravest of the north to the 'nearly' tropical, crystal clear water of the west and the chilly east the Scottish waves have everything to offer. Mountains, glens, beaches and forests. There is so much to explore. 

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The more you explore the more you find. Unspoiled beaches, a busy community, deserted spaces, clear skys, mysterious locations, entertainment. There are no limits.

We spent too long preparing for our journeys, the van transformation took too long, we missed important and epic waves. Life slipped by. We didn't realise that the van didn't have to be perfect, the bed just rite, the cooker, the awning. But we went, and by going we realised! The beaches, the midges, the distance, each and every bit, made the adventure, memories never to be forgotten. The struggle to get into the wetsuit, then someone tells you about the 'plastic bag method'! It was life changing! Scotland has so much to offer. The ocean has limitless offerings. Lets enjoy it together!

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The Surfing community know all the secret spots! You know, the ones you cant find on google 😛


Surfing they say is like joining the mafia, once your in, your in. Always looking for the next wave, that sudden lift, then the surge, the spray on your face and the buzz! Lets do it again, and again. 

From the Beginners to the seasoned professional, we all want the next wave. That 'want' will be the driving force for your world wide journey. Surfing and the ocean sports will take you places you never dreamed of. You'll meet the most amazing people, listen to the best stories, play the funniest games. 

We have stories, tips, destinations, affiliations, friends, and more friends. We want to share that with you, and learn your stories.

A fantastic view of the world from a surfing traveller

It may be a cultural thing, it may just be that we all just enjoy the simple things in life. The connections we make and the things we get up to. 

If you cant surf, or kite surf, or windsurf, or swim, or even just get in the water. There is other things, explore, learn, meet, play music, exercise, juggle, poi, firestick, you name it just do it! Photos, stories, tutorials and lots more. Above all, enjoy!


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Enjoy the company of like minded individuals who love the outdoors and the ocean. Yes the community is called Scottish Surfers but we surf life! Kayakers, skiers, windsurfers! Everybody is welcome.



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