About Us

A guy walked into the office I was working in.

It was just north of Edinburgh and he was carrying a surf board! I immediately asked if he was heading to the airport, he told me he was heading to the coast...

And there it began...

From that chance meeting, to another with a work colleague who introduced me to the niche sport of Kite Surfing. My love for the ocean and its wonders has always been there, I can now enjoy it in even more ways.

Now you can too!


its about Experiences

From local beaches to futher afield.

We want to get together with good friends and colleagues and enjoy the ocean. We also aim to bring our collective experiences and contacts together and organise annual trips further afield. Lets make the most of this world! 

Surfers all over the world know that surfing and ocean sports are more than just a hobby or a sport — it’s a way of life. Our community was conceived, lovingly planned, and finally created to unite these kindred spirits from every coast and sharing their collective knowledge with budding surfers. Spreading the pure joy of surfing is our way of improving the global quality of life, one wave at a time.

Because surfing is a mysterious and awe-inspiring feat, we set out to create a community that makes surfing, and the ocean accessible to regular people, empowering those who only dream about it to actually go out and try it. You don’t have to be in perfect shape, or have any prior experience, to feel the thrill of gliding across the water.


Building Memories

Lets make sure we create those unforgettable experiences!


No Distance Is too Far

Scotland is a small place, with a massive amount of wonderful places to visit and enjoy. Just remember its only the beginning.

How far have members travelled so far?






WE Got You Covered


There is loads to do when the weather isnt just rite for your chosen sport..

Eco lodges & tours

Explore, relax and enjoy .

Epic journeys

That is the aim after all.

Join Us On the Beach

Contact us for info on the next meeting or check out the forum.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


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